Moon War - Ebook.jpg

Moon Wars

Paul Bellow


Can an RTS Player Save the Universe?

It is 1999, in the last few months before Y2K. Alex, a sophomore in college at Ohio University, is failing his classes due to spending too much time playing Real Time Strategy (RTS) video games. Although he knows he should take a break from gaming soon, he also has to figure out his response to two new people in his life: Haley is a classmate who because she is a fellow gamer seems to understand him better than most of his friends, while the mysterious Que has sent the two of them an unreleased RPG/RTS - Moon Wars - with a challenge to beat the hybrid game.  

Despite an initial aversion to the RPG aspect of the challenge, Moon Wars, Alex finds himself driven to skill up and master the tough challenges. The single-player campaign, consisting of conquering sufficient bases on the Moon to withstand an invasion from Earth, seems impossible. Not one to give up easily, Alex uses all his experience (and help from Haley) to strategise his way forward. Along the way, they stumble upon secrets buried inside the game.


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